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Which Decking is Best For Our Garden?

Todays blog is going to give a quick run through of the different types of decking that are currently available on the market along with some of the pros and cons of each one. We are huge fans of decking here atBrooklyn Outdoor Living. We've built some amazing structures of the years which have included sunken hot tubs and fire pitsto high rise platforms high up in the trees. But equally a simple decking area leading out to your garden can provide a focal sitting area to entertain on.

When choosing which material is best there are several elements to consider. Where the decking is located, the aesthetic of the deck and also your budget for the area you want to develop. We will show you some of the options available and some of the pros and cons to the material.

Hardwood Decking.

Hardwood decking can range from homegrown Oak to tropical Yellow Balau Harwood decking is more resistant to water and therefore rot over softwood but this does come a cost, so try to look at it as a long to investment when considering your choice. Also the aesthetic of hardwood decking, especially the tropical species is look at lot of people want.

Yellow Balau Decking

Softwood Decking

Softwood decking is potentially the most common decking material you see in the UK. Usually having a grooved top (which doesn't mean it has more grip) this decking requires regular maintenance with cleaning and applying stain or oil. Although more maintenance is required this option comes at a lower cost compared to other materials so is a good option for designs which are looking to keep the budget small.

Siberian Larch Decking

Composite Decking.

Composite decking is fast becoming the number one choice for many, even with it being a more expensive product for some styles. Composite tends to be a recycled mix of materials which produce a material which is resistant to rot and UV rays so won't discolour. It requires minimumal maintenance once is been installed and can be either bought in styles whch look like timber on smooth faced to give sleek look to your garden,

Solid Composite Decking

Aluminium Decking.

Aluminium decking is a more recent style of decking which is weather resistant so doesn't rot and doesn't require sealing like timber decking does. It is essentalliy maintenance free but does come at a cost to be installed as it has a per square metre cost. One major benefit over other types of decking is that it is non combustable so it is worth considering if you have the potential fire risks.

Alu Decking

Millboard Decking

Mill board decking is in a little league of its own in many peoples opinion. Its is moulded from real pieces of in there UK factory, the moulds are then used to create decking made of recycled materials including Polyurethane which gives the board its strength. Likeother composite decking it also rot free and doesn't require sealing, along with being highly slip resistant.

We hope you have found this page helpful, If you have any further questions or want to discuss your ideas then please get in touch via the contact for or email -

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