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Our Process

All of our jobs we try our best to follow the same process we have put in place, wether it be a large landscaping project or a bespoke outdoor kitchen our communication wit our clients is key. 


Initial Consultation

After getting in touch by phone or email we will arrange a visit to the space where you want your project to be created. From this meeting we will start the design process, which will include basic sketches and a to scale drawing. 


Completed design

After agreeing on the design, materials to be used and dates of the build we can provide an accurate quote for the price of the project. 


Project start

Build start, this is where the fun really begins. At this stage you can see your idea come to life. Our team of carpenters and skilled trades will start the job and the project will be managed throughout. 


All projects start with an idea. This idea is where we start out design. Taking inspiration from a sketch on a piece of paper or to the hundreds of pictures on your Pinterest mood board, we will create a digital to scale image of your project so that you can envisage what your finished outdoor space could look like. 

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