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Garden Rooms- The uses are endless.

The uses of a garden room are endless, from home offices to yoga studios to an annexe. We can help you design and build your new space.

Garden room design- This is where it all starts, we can create initial sketches and then onto computer visuals to see your idea come to life. Computer drawings are to scale models which can give a real sense of what your building may look like. This a great point to change certain elements such as cladding or windows and doors to give you that peace of mind that you have made the right decisions.

Some garden rooms use traditional timber frames for their core structure other options include Structural Insulated panels (SIPs). We offer both these construction options as they can both have pro's and con's depending on few different requirements, such as: Intended use, budget and available space.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to cladding your garden room. Western Red Cedar or Siberian Larch provide the clean look to a building. Rough sawn Softwood can breathe character into an exterior or the deep tones of Shou Sugi Ban (charred timber) which provides the ultimate option for a maintenance free structure.

In most cases, our garden room buildings (up to 30sq metres) don’t require planning permission as they are built to comply with permitted development rights. However, any room that is deemed ‘habitable’, such as a kitchenette, do require planning permission and building regulations.

This seems like an obvious question but when you decide that you want a garden room there are extra features that make a garden room over a shed or a summerhouse, some of these are-

  • Insulated floor, walls and roof

  • Breathable membrane to protect the core structure

  • Durable cladding material

  • Durable roof covering

  • Double glazing windows and doors

  • Multi-point locking system on the doors and windows

  • Electrics including the consumer unit, lights & power points

  • Heating

Is a garden roomgood investment?

Just like an extension or renovation of your home a garden room can also increase the value. Garden rooms have become not just something people want but also a necessity for some. Estate agents and lenders predict that a well built and designed Garedn room can add any where In the region of 5-15%* to the value of your home.

For homeowners keen to add more floor space to their property, a garden room is a far less invasive and costly undertaking compared to converting the loft or the garage.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss your ideas then please get in touch, or visit our website where we have just updated or Garden Room page with lots more detail.

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